Angels sometimes got big tits

Angels sometimes got big tits

Hey Dad they let the 60's loose and you didn't wake me up!
Never mind
we're on another mad camping fugue
across the country
my mother's ghost
stowed neatly in the trailer
and I've been sleeping up against the road.

And so it was that somewhere
in the soft languid summer hills
of Tennessee or Kentucky or Okinawa
a concrete pond had been prepared for my undoing.

In those days if you broke your neck
you didn't have to wait around for pneumonia -
it was served to you with cookies and milk
so no one really minded as much.

The cool green water beckoned and I dove
the eager rough bottom surged
but only stunned and raked
my forehead, nose, and chest.

Suspended in the algae-choked gloom
two hands find me
pulling up
coughing and goggling
into the vast safe harbor
of gingham breasts.