Blind spot

Blind spot

Kept awake by raucous succubi
rising from the pall
from the depths leaking
sweat down the backbone
bleached crows
help him get downstairs
and sit
Buddha-like on a full bladder.

Portents everywhere
on the far side of the kitchen
on toast
on the receding edge of carnal energy.

Atop the refrigerator
a cat makes slitted-eye contact
and looks away.

The wind-tossed rain
shuffles outside
a nice feeling in a way
a nice tea-sipping feeling.

Then meaning gathers:

A thing remembered
a thing foretold
a thing at hand
meet now as lips
pressed onto skin
ready for ritual.

Too much of this
this is too far
and lurching up
he begins to spin
generating power
the TV flickers on
the news arrives
eyes ignite and burn away
the grotesque afterbirth.

Tonight he sleeps
far from the sweat lodge
of his bed
tuning into sports and civil wars
boiling his socks
with grand eloquence
and deep meaning.