The perils of self-medication
Get out there and be perky
The worm in winter
Digestible monuments
Little metamorphoses
The frustrations of angels
Snow angels on the interstate
Each day like the last
February flowers
Blind spot
The Sphinx and the Sprite
Rounding the horn
The vegetation that never sleeps
Wind tunnels
A flight of stairs
Sodom and Gomorrah: the aftermath
Upon arriving at work without a shirt
Love me, love me not
What the eyes read, the heart must write
The restoration
Rags and wishes
In the tracks of Nokomis
To Oreo and Ruby, the Elder Cats
Barnacle en brochette
Where do we keep the potters?
Suburban sewer pipes hidden away
Theater of the mind
The unbirthing
Angels sometimes got big tits
The road takes those who do not take it
Tea bag toe tag
Flying with moths
Do it yourself Buddhism
A game of forsaken croquet
Love madness
Sealed meals
A pilgrim without a guide
The extinct American Chinaman
Some ways of time passing
The inland sea
After seeing the gravestone of a young girl
The middle harmony
The insufficiency of flesh
Cold cold ham sandwich
Filling a bucket
The fossil monster
What each does best
Hard edges
Back off Mother Teresa
Prospero's secretary
To remember in winter
Upon shooting a dove
Dream straddling
Innermost outermost