Get out there and be perky

Get out there and be perky

A bag of genes
some say we are
never meant to hold
a burden of six billion
strangers everywhere
my cat more dear to me
than you
(as is your pig to you).

Feral edifices are awakening on the planet
mosaics made of fragments of frightened people
tribes once profiting by mimicing machines
now caught inside.

Tenderness used as tender grows debased
a currency deeply disconcerting
yet necessary
for the living
to animate these cyclops:
strip naked
jostle aboard
take up levers
and slip into handpuppets.

Market whims
and corporate forecasts
assail and beguile the psyche.
A poet once said
good fences make good neighbors.
Now must inner walls be erected
treaties drawn
and self divided
between what one does
and what one is.

The junkyard man
sure to outlive the cockroach
past the Apocalypse
wears an honest mask of Caliban
upon his face.
He only takes cash
and won't help you carry
unless he knows you well.