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Bubbleroids: A variation of the game of Asteroids.

Morphone (hormone-based morphogenesis):

Fractal spiral

Spiraling glider guns


Turing machine


Music of the Spheres: Noisy spheres bouncing on strings.
In real life.

Nesting birds: Nest-building birds neural network recording.

Sunlight: Daylight vs. darkness on revolving planet.

Flush images down toilet (GraffiTV demo).


Blackguard: a Rogue-like game with a Doom-like first-person shooter interface.

Go Fish card game.

WormWorx: C. elegans nematode worm app for the OpenWorm project.

Even (the odds): Anti-bullying/anti-harassment app.

File sharing

Spores peer-to-peer file sharing/storage.


The Coinspermia cryptocurrency.


C. elegans nematode robot for OpenWorm.

Lego Mindstorms NXT robot controlled by a goal-seeking neural network (see LegoNXT project).

Simulated robot controlled by a neural network that learns T-mazes.


Scorched Mars and Gingerbread Men Invaders multiplayer games. using the Wild Magic 5 Game Engine.
Scorched Mars:

Space Squids multiplayer game.

Boids (Alife flocking creatures) in a parallel octree.
Windows screen saver.

Cyd android in the Block World. using ODE physics.


Hunter Jumper game.
Horse runs and jumps over obstacles. Click/touch in front of horse to run faster; behind to go slower. Jump by click/touch above horse; higher click/touch jumps higher.

Google App Engine

Conformative Game:
A game testing the performance of a distributed administrative contract governing common resources.

Academy Awards pool

Second Life virtual world

ESP test.


Triples game (Fortran).

Checkers game (IBM assembler).