Bubbleroids: A variation of the game of Asteroids (zip)

Morphone (hormone-based morphogenesis) applets and (zip)

Fractal spiral

Spiraling glider guns


Turing machine


Music of the Spheres: Noisy spheres bouncing on strings. (zip)

In real life.

Nesting birds: Nest-building birds neural network recording.

Sunlight: Daylight vs. darkness on revolving planet. applet and (zip)

Flush images down toilet (GraffiTV demo) applet and (zip)

Blackguard: a Rogue-like game with a first-person interface.
Android app in Google Play. New: "Conjurer" role.

Go Fish card game.
Android app in Google Play.

WormWorx: C. elegans nematode worm app for the OpenWorm project.

Even (the odds): Anti-bullying/anti-harassment app.

File sharing

Spores peer-to-peer file sharing/storage.


The Coinspermia cryptocurrency.


C. elegans nematode robot for OpenWorm.

Lego Mindstorms NXT robot controlled by a goal-seeking neural network (see LegoNXT project).

Simulated robot controlled by a neural network that learns T-mazes.


Scorched Mars and Gingerbread Men Invaders multiplayer games using the Wild Magic 5 Game Engine.
Scorched Mars:

Space Squids multiplayer game.

Boids (Alife flocking creatures) in a parallel octree.
Windows screen saver.

Cyd android in the Block World. using ODE physics.

Diggers digging game.


Hunter Jumper game with granddaughter Raegan.
Horse runs and jumps over obstacles.
Click/touch in front of horse to run faster; behind to go slower.
Jump by click/touch above horse; higher click/touch jumps higher.

Google App Engine

Conformative Game:
A game testing the performance of a distributed administrative contract governing common resources.
App Engine and Hyperledger blockchain code.

Academy Awards pool

Second Life virtual world

ESP test.

Orac recommendation system.


Triples game (Fortran).

Checkers game (IBM assembler).